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Information on the rules of origin for ANZCERTA, and general guide for using the agreement … Australia–New Zealand CER Trade Agreement – Rules of origin requirements (February 2012) …

MED1229042 Annex 1A: ANZCERTA Article 3 Agreed Text Article 3 Rules of Origin 1. Definitions … duplicates

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To qualify for ANZCERTA preferential tariff treatment, imported goods must meet one of the … must be met for imports from New Zealand to qualify for CER preferential tariff treatment. …–New-Zealand-CER-Trade-Agreement-–-Rules-of-origin-requirements-.aspx

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Fact Sheet 22 – ANZCERTA – Rules of Origin for Determined Manufactured Raw Materials (DMRM) … Relations Trade Agreement. A bilateralreciprocal free trade agreement also known as CER. …

been a primary focus, and a number of programmes have been set up to support the ongoing development of leadership skills, and a career path and training framework has been put in …

Looking ahead to 2015, Customs can expect to confront a number of issues and be offered a number opportunities and this document aims to prepare us for this future. … outlook to 2015.pdf