More accessible than ever

This website has been re-designed and was launched in its present form in May 2011. 

All the changes are intended to make our site more accessible. Being accessible means the information is easier to find, more logical, more complete and, we hope, much easier to read and understand.  

Accessibility is also about a certain openness and inclusiveness. Customs is very much a part of the community that we are charged with protecting. So we have tried to make our site attractive and friendly to all. We hope the experience of using it is an enjoyable one. 

Browsers and operating environments

We have aimed to make the website as accessible as possible, to the widest number of users, no matter what browser or operating environment you use.

To that end the site has been successfully tested on the following browsers and operating environments: 

  • Internet Explorer 8.0  
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  • Chrome 4.0
  • Safari 4.0 (Mac)

If your browser does not support images – or they are turned off – you will find that all images on the site come with an alternative text description. 


A number of our documents are available online as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. PDF files ensure that the presentation is consistent across multiple platforms and provides a structured medium to print from.  

In order to view PDF files, a PDF reader must be downloaded and installed. A PDF reader can be obtained free from the Adobe Acrobat website.

Alternative document formats are provided where possible for online documents. Historical documents are in the process of being converted to HTML. 


Should you experience any technical difficulties, or find content problems, or have a suggestion for improving the website, please don’t hesitate to contact our Webmaster. 

This description was last updated on: Friday, 13 May 2011