Customs controlled areas (CCA)

A Customs controlled area is a secure and controlled environment where the activities are monitored or conducted by Customs.

This could be a place where international passengers are processed, such as an airport, or where luggage and goods are inspected. Similarly a CCA might be a place where duty-free or excisable goods are manufactured, sold or stored.

To operate as a CCA requires a licence. To obtain one, you need to make an application to Customs. If you are licensed as a CCA there are certain obligations that you will need to meet. For instance, Customs has the right – after reasonable notice – to access the area at any time of the day or night. Customs also has the right to question, search, seize and remove anything that could breach the terms of your licence.

Your role as a CCA operator is important – some CCA operators are the last point of contact before goods are exported. If you feel that something is not right with a particular shipment, we trust that you would always advise us so that we can act, if necessary, in a timely manner.

By being a CCA you can:

  • Assist in protecting our borders by being our eyes and ears.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour or goods to Customs.
  • Communicate issues promptly.
  • Keep us informed.​

For further information see Fact Sheet 18 and Fact Sheet 25.

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