Types of Customs controlled areas

CCAs fall into the following types: 

  • General storage – places to temporarily hold imported goods prior to Customs clearance so they can be examined.
  • Manufacturing areas – places that produce excisable goods.
  • Off-site storage areas – places that store New Zealand made wine if it is unable to be stored within the manufacturing area.
  • Export warehouses – places used to transfer and store dutiable and excisable goods without payment of duty before being exported.
  • Duty-free stores and shops – places where dutiable and excisable goods can be kept and stored without payment of duty prior to being  sold to travellers.
  • Goods processing at sea and air ports – places to temporarily hold imported goods so they can be examined by us.
  • Passenger sea or air – arrival or departure places where we can question and examine passengers.
  • Sea/air port – places where arriving and departing private craft, commercial ships, aircraft and cruise ships can be processed by Customs.
On this site you can search and view a list of all the CCA’s in New Zealand.

To operate as a CCA requires a licence. If you are involved in activities such as are listed above, you will need to apply.

This description was last updated on: Friday, 23 September 2016