Joint Border Management System

The Joint Border Management System (JBMS) is being developed by the New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). JBMS will enable smarter, swifter border processing for goods passing in and out of New Zealand.

The first stage of JBMS includes Trade Single Window (TSW), which will ultimately let exporters, importers and others in the cargo industry send all shipment details electronically to one place, rather than separately to several government agencies. This involves replacing the current cargo and craft reporting messages, such as import and export entries, with new messages that contain the information each of the agencies need. These new messages are based on version 3 of the World Customs Organization’s international trade data model, so are called WCO3.

This stage of JBMS enables:

  • Clients on system-to-system messaging to connect directly to TSW to submit electronic cargo and craft reporting messages if they want to, instead of having to go through a third party.
  • Clients on system-to-system messaging to submit the new WCO3 Import Declaration, Export Declaration, Outward Cargo Report, and Cargo Report Export.
  • Online submission of the new WCO3 Import Declaration, Export Declaration, Cargo Report Export and Outward Cargo Report through the TSW Online website.
  • Customs and MPI officers to jointly register premises (Customs controlled areas, transitional facilities and approved food premises) in TSW, rather than separate systems.

JBMS is a large, complex project and is being delivered in phases so that each part can be thoroughly tested first. Existing border systems will be continued in the meantime so that trade across the border is maintained. Users can choose to transfer over to the new WCO3 messages, or they can continue to use the existing messages until the new system is mandated.

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