Prohibited and restricted imports and exports

​Customs’ role in managing the border includes a responsibility to enforce, or assist in the enforcement of, a wide range of import and export prohibitions and restrictions on behalf of a number of government departments and agencies.

These prohibitions and restrictions have been introduced over time to protect the  community, environment and economy of New Zealand, and to enable us to comply with our international agreements and obligations.

The prohibitions and restrictions come under the Customs and Excise Act 1996, or legislation administered by the government department responsible for particular controls.

This section is a guide to the range of goods that are subject to an import or export prohibition in New Zealand. For further information see the attached pages and fact sheets

Within this section

  • Prohibited exports

    ​If you intend to export goods or post something out of the country, make sure you are well-informed about what is legal and what is not, and what restrictions apply.

  • Prohibited imports

    Comprehensive information on what you are not permitted to bring into New Zealand; and what you may bring in, but only under certain conditions.