How does SmartGate work?

​SmartGate is based on the science of biometrics. Advanced facial recognition software compares your face with the digital copy of your photo in your ePassport chip. Precise and complex measurements of your unique facial features provide one of the most accurate and secure means of identification yet devised.  


In order for the system to work correctly, it is important that your head is kept uncovered – just as it appears in your passport photograph. When using SmartGate, veils, scarves, hats and any other headgear that in any way obscures your facial features should be avoided. Otherwise the system may not work for you. 

Prescription glasses can be left on if you are wearing them in your passport photo and if the rims of your glasses are relatively thin. SmartGate can have difficulties during face matching with thick rimmed glasses, so it is better to remove them, if possible.

SmartGate is usually able to handle minor changes in your facial features. A weight gain in your face, for instance, or a different hairstyle shouldn’t be a problem – unless it covers your face.

This description was last updated on: Thursday, 31 July 2014