The smart way to breeze through passport control

SmartGate is a stress-free way for New Zealand, Australian, UK, US, and Canadian ePassport holders to enter or leave New Zealand. By using SmartGate you can self-process through passport control. All you need is your ePassport.

Just because you have an ePassport doesn’t mean you have to use SmartGate. You can always use the normal passport control channel if you prefer.

If you intend to use SmartGate on arrival you will still need to complete a New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card.

Within this section

  • How to use SmartGate

    ​SmartGate lets eligible ePassport holders bypass the traditional passport control process. It is open

  • About ePassports

    ​​Since 2005 all newly issued Australian and New Zealand passports have been ePassports. By 2015 they will have replaced all non-electronic passports.

  • How does SmartGate work?

    ​Everyone's face is unique. It provides one of the most accurate means of identification yet devised.

  • Who can use SmartGate?

    Find out if you are eligible to make use of the SmartGates now available at most New Zealand airports.

  • How available is SmartGate?

    Find out which New Zealand and Australian international airports now have SmartGates.  

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