Breeze through passport control

SmartGate, or eGate as it's known as in many  parts of the world,  is a fast and easy way to self-process through passport control. We have facilities at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown airports for arriving and departing passengers. 

You can use SmartGate if you are a New Zealand, Australian, UK, US, and Canadian ePassport holder over 12-years-old. All you need is your ePassport. You will still need to complete a Passenger Arrival or Departure Card.

Within this section

  • How to use SmartGate

    ​SmartGate lets eligible ePassport holders bypass the traditional passport control process. It is open

  • About ePassports

    ​​Since 2005 all newly issued Australian and New Zealand passports have been ePassports. By 2015 they will have replaced all non-electronic passports.

  • How does SmartGate work?

    ​Everyone's face is unique. It provides one of the most accurate means of identification yet devised.

  • Who can use SmartGate?

    Find out if you are eligible to make use of the SmartGates now available at most New Zealand airports.

  • How available is SmartGate?

    Find out which New Zealand and Australian international airports now have SmartGates.  

  • Privacy

    ​If you're using SmartGate, your information will be used in accordance with New Zealand laws.

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