Coming into NZ for business purposes

Image of containers at a port

Our economy relies on a variety of imported goods and commercial tourism from all corners of the globe.

It is our job to guard and protect our shores, so, if you are importing goods to sell or use in your business, or you arrive on a commercial vessel or cruise ship, we will be your first point of contact.

Find out about the documentation, clearances and requirements you need when entering New Zealand, and how to make your entry as smooth as possible.

Within this section

  • Preparing to import

    ​Processes and requirements – things you should know before importing goods for business or commercial use.

  • Accompanying your imports

    Bringing business or commercial goods with you in your luggage. Also the rules around temporary imports. ​

  • Import clearance & entry procedures

    ​Correct information will ensure the prompt clearance of your goods. How to submit clearance documents. What happens once your goods arrive.

  • Import charges

    ​What charges to expect when importing goods into New Zealand, and how you can pay or claim a refund.

  • Arrival by commercial vessel or cruise ship

    ​What to do, where to go – the allowances, restrictions and documentation required when arriving in New Zealand.

  • Tariff and concessions

    ​An import tariff is charged for some goods, depending on what they are and which country they are from. Learn more about tariffs and concessions.

  • Administrative penalties

    ​The administrative penalties system aims to encourage compliance and reduce errors and omissions on entries.