Craft arrival documentation

Once you arrive in New Zealand, Customs and other government agencies operating at the border will require documentation from you relating to your arrival, crew, passengers and cargo.

All commercial craft must provide the following information:

  • Inward report form
  • Crew declarations
  • Passenger information
  • Last port clearance
  • Ship and cargo information.

Other New Zealand authorities will require additional information.

If the information required is not applicable, you will still need to return a nil form.

See also Information pack for cruise ships.

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Detailed information related to Craft arrival documentation

All commercial craft arriving in New Zealand from an overseas port are required to present an Inward report (Form C1) (includes crew list). This must contain the following information:

  • Part A – arrival details of the craft.
  • Part B – supporting documentation relating to goods and persons on board.
  • Part C – ship stores list.

You can generate your documentation electronically but it must contain exactly the same information as our forms.

It needs to be signed by the owner or person in charge of the craft. It cannot be signed by any other person.

This detail was last updated on Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crew declarations must also be attached to the inward report form. You must use the following forms:

  • Form 6 – Customs Individual Crew Declaration (Sea) (New Zealand Domiciled Crew). This must be completed by each New Zealand domiciled member of the crew. (Domicile is determined as the place of permanent residence.) All goods must be declared whether they are to be landed or not. The form is required in duplicate.
  • Form 7 – Customs Individual Crew Declaration (Sea) (Non-New Zealand Domiciled Crew). This declaration is prescribed by the Customs & Excise Regulations 1996, and must be completed by the master, officers, and every member of the crew. All goods to be landed in New Zealand must be declared. One copy only of the form is required.

This detail was last updated on Thursday, 15 December 2011

All passengers arriving in New Zealand will need to have the appropriate travel documents and visas, if applicable, and have filled in a New Zealand Passenger Arrival Card. If carrying more than NZ$10,000 they must also have completed a Border cash report (NZCS 337).

With the inward report form, include the following information:

  • Disembarking passenger list – passengers departing the craft and not re-joining.
  • Transit passenger list – passengers who have arrived and will depart on the same craft.
  • Overlanders list – passengers who depart the craft for an overnight stay and then return to the craft.

This detail was last updated on Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Essential information which needs to be included with the inward report form:

  • Last port clearance.
  • Cargo manifest – if the craft is carrying commercial cargo.
  • Controlled drugs and firearms list.
  • Stores list.

This detail was last updated on Friday, 25 February 2011

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