Import clearance and entry procedures

It is our job to know what is coming into New Zealand. We work on behalf of the New Zealand Government collecting duties, charges and taxes on imported goods. We also work closely with other agencies to make sure that what is coming into our country will be safe and will not compromise either our security or our livelihood.

The import entry clearance gives us detailed information on the goods you are importing. We can confirm your duties and taxes and any restrictions or quarantine requirements that may apply before you can receive your goods.

We rely on you to give us correct and thorough information to ensure the prompt clearance of your goods.

Within this section

  • Import entry process

    ​The first step in getting your goods into New Zealand is submitting an import entry clearance or electronic cargo information (ECI).

  • Customs clearance

    ​Once your goods arrive they will need to be cleared by Customs. Quarantine and security checks may also be required..