Arrival charges & allowances

When you bring something into the country you may be required to pay certain charges, fees and taxes on it. 

Whether you need to pay or not will depend on the types of goods you bring in – and what they are intended for.

As a rule of thumb, genuinely personal items such as your clothing and your jewellery are unlikely to attract fees or duties if accompanied by you. But there are exceptions. Large quantities of goods, or goods with a commercial aspect to them, will probably attract duty, even if you are bringing them in personally.

Customs duties and charges are complex. Even where charges are applicable, different types of goods will attract different rates of duty. And in some cases, rates of depreciation also apply. How much you have to pay will depend on a number of different factors. For more detailed information see Customs charges, duties & allowances and Fact Sheet 28.

Within this section

  • What Customs charges are payable

    Find out about the various duties, charges and taxes you may be required to pay when you bring non-exempt goods into the country.​

  • Motor vehicle charges

    Some vehicles are duty free, others are not, most will need to pay something. Find out how it works. ​

  • Boats and aircraft charges

    You are coming to live in New Zealand. Will your private boat or aircraft be eligible for concessions? ​

  • Border Clearance Levy

    ​A Border Clearance Levy was introduced on 1 January 2016 to fund border clearance activities to help keep New Zealand safe.