Responses to Official Information Act Requests

Customs publishes responses to selected Official Information Act (OIA) requests.

The reply letter from Customs to the requestor explains what information, if any, has been withheld under the OIA and under which grounds. The requestor's name and address are removed.

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Documents are only available in Adobe PDF format and are listed in release date order, with the most recently released responses at the top.

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Information Summary
Human Resources12/04/2017PR Spending OIA dated 12 April 2017
Details regarding Public Relations staff
OIA 17-079
Corporate24/02/2017Fax machine OIA dated 24 February 2017
Details of Customs' fax machines
OIA 17-040
Corporate21/02/2017Vehicle OIA dated 21 February 2017
Details of Customs' vehicles
OIA 17-028
Operations19/01/2017Border interception OIA dated 19 January 2017
Details of seizure of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and other items
PS OIA 16-312
Human Resources5/12/2016PR information OIA dated 5 December 2016
Details regarding Public Relations staff and contractors
PS OIA 16-288
Operations19/10/2016Tobacco OIA dated 19 October 2016
Details of Tobacco Manufacturing Licenses in New Zealand
PS OIA 16-262
Operations29/08/2016OIA Response 16-221
RFI: Border Patrol, S8, E5 – what date incident with medicinal cannabis was filmed, and what steps have and will be taken to ensure that officials understand s8(2)(l) of the MDA. Advise if any apology to the visitor and/or public correction is intended
PS OIA 16-221
Finance23/08/2016OIA Response 16-215
RFI: The total amount spent by the New Zealand Customs Service on professional development for its Chief Executive for each of the last five financial years, by supplier
PS OIA 16-215
Operations16/08/2016OIA Response 16-214
RFI: Used vehicle imports from Japan, UK, US, & Australia into Christchurch and Dunedin
PS OIA 16-214
Joint Border Management System12/08/2016Aide Memoire - Report to SEC 17 August 2016
JBMS Aide Memoire: Report to SEC 17 August 2016
RPT 16-131A
Counterfeit Intercepts, Drugs Intercepts, Weapons Intercepts10/08/2016OIA Response 16-205
RFI: Information on the numbers, types and classes of drugs, weapons and counterfeit items intercepted at Queenstown Airport from and including July 2015 to and including July 2016, and the previous 4 years
PS OIA 16-205
Joint Border Management System10/08/2016Progress paper for SEC
JBMS Progress paper for SEC
Joint Border Management System10/08/2016Signed SEC paper
JBMS Signed SEC paper
RPT 16-131
Finance2/08/2016OIA Response 16-180
RFI: Requests a list of all artwork and art items owned by the organization, including a description, book value and replacement value (if known) of each
PS OIA 16-180
Finance21/07/2016OIA Response 16-181
RFI: Request for information in relation to office spaces leased by Customs, for financial year ending 30 June 2016
PS OIA 16-181
Joint Border Management System19/07/2016Commercial update and next steps
JBMS Commercial update and next steps
RPT 16-122
Joint Border Management System1/07/2016Minister's report - Figures July 2016
JBMS Minister's report: Figures July 2016
RPT 16-095
Joint Border Management System17/06/2016Investment Ministers meeting report June 2016
JBMS Investment Ministers meeting report June 2016
RPT 16-096
Joint Border Management System7/06/2016Extension to information sharing
JBMS Extension to information sharing
RPT 16-090
Joint Border Management System18/05/2016Aide Memoire - Update to Investment Managers May 2016
JBMS Aide Memoire: Update to Investment Managers May 2016
RPT 16-069A
Joint Border Management System13/05/2016Minister's report - Update to Investment Ministers May 2016
JBMS Minister's report: Update to Investment Ministers May 2016
RPT 16-059B
Joint Border Management System12/05/2016Investment Ministers - Update paper May 2016
JBMS Investment Ministers: Update paper May 2016
RPT 16-069B
Counterfeit Intercepts, Drugs Intercepts, Weapons Intercepts28/04/2016Drugs and weapons interceptions
RFI: Information about drugs, weapons, and counterfeit items intercepted by Customs in 2015 and 2016
PS OIA 16-070
Operations13/04/2016OIA Response 16-056
RFI: New Zealand Customs Service's interpretation of section 8(20(I)(iii) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 (MODA), re the importation of medical cannabis
PS OIA 16-056
Joint Border Management System8/04/2016Aide Memoire - Update to Investment Managers April 2016
JBMS Aide Memoire: Update to Investment Managers April 2016
RPT 16-059A
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