TSW update December 2013 20/12/2013

Over 130,000 lodgements have been submitted through the Trade Single Window (TSW) direct connect facility since it went live on 1 August, and volumes are increasing. TSW also manages responses for all import and export entries and cargo reports clients send via TSW or through B2BE NZ (previously ECN) – that’s over 10,000 responses per day. 

FedEx is our first pilot partner to go live with sending the new WCO3 messages, and has been submitting export-related messages since May 2013. FedEx has now completed development of the more complex WCO3 Import Declaration and plans to send its first live messages shortly. 

FedEx is so pleased with the TSW direct connection facility for WCO3 messaging that it is switching its remaining legacy messages (the pre-WCO3 formats) to TSW direct connection too, ahead of fully developing and adopting WCO3 formats for those messages. 

TSW Online

TSW Online is the website for submitting the new WCO3 messages, as an alternative to system-to-system messaging software. There are 21 companies now using TSW Online to submit Import and Export Declarations. The Outward Cargo Report (OCR) and Cargo Report Export (CRE) are planned to be available to TSW Online users in early 2014. This allows for the completion of thorough testing and avoids introducing a system change in the busy pre-Christmas period. The OCR reports cargo on departing ships and aircraft, and consolidation consignment details to authorise loading for export. The CRE is used to obtain Customs clearance for consignments that are exempt from the requirement for an export entry. 

Next phase

The JBMS programme is finalising the plan for delivery of the remainder of Tranche 1 of TSW. In the new year, we will be in touch with further information on:

  • Inward Cargo Report, including Domestic and International Transhipment Requests.
  • Online registration – enabling brokers and other industry users to apply online for client and supplier codes, and to register as a TSW user.
  • Advance Notice of Arrival and Advance Notice of Departure
  • Bulk updates for port and vessel changes

Transition Period for Adopting WCO3 Messages

An 18-month transition period to switch to the new WCO3 messages before they are mandated was agreed with industry in 2009. The WCO3 Import and Export Declarations, Outward Cargo Report and Cargo Report Export have been available since 1 August 2013, but the transition period has not commenced. This is because we wanted to understand the impacts of the Inward Cargo Report message not yet being available. We recently surveyed software providers and clients that have their own in-house systems on whether the WCO3 messages that are now available could be mandated separately to the Inward Cargo Report message. We are consulting with industry on the results of the survey before making a decision. If the decision is to mandate them separately, we will advise the transition start date.

If you have any queries, please check the JBMS pages of Customs’ website, or contact jbms@customs.govt.nz

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