Change to import entry preparation for first time commercial importers 20/04/2012

​From 30 April this year there will be some change in the service New Zealand Customs provides around import entries – particularly for first-time commercial importers.

While we will continue to offer personal assistance to private importers with the completion of their entries, Customs will no longer offer that service to commercial importers. Up to now Customs officers have assisted some first-time commercial importers with their entry.

The majority of businesses use the services of a Customs broker or freight forwarder to complete their entries and New Zealand Customs’ electronic entry system has meant that commercial importers are able to lodge entries without the involvement of Customs officers. 

We expect that to become universal – including for first-time importers. 

New Zealand Customs will of course continue to provide advice, guidance and education for all commercial clients, but not with the physical completion of entries.

As has always been the case, accompanied goods with a Customs value of less than NZ$1000 which have not been pre-cleared will be assessed by a Customs officer when the goods arrive.

If you have any queries about this change please contact our National Contact Centre on 0800 428 786 (0800 4 CUSTOMS).

This page was last updated on: Friday, 20 April 2012 .

Important notices & updates - Change to import entry preparation for first time commercial importers