Customs rates of exchange – all countries and economic groups

The Customs value, or the value for duty of imported goods, is used to calculate your Customs duty.  

When the invoiced amount is not in New Zealand dollars, it will be converted at the rate in force on the day your entry is presented to us. Exchange rates used by us are set for a two-week period, and are published eleven days in advance. These rates may differ slightly from the currency rates published by overseas trading banks.  

The table below displays the current exchange rates.

Historical Customs exchange rates

You can display the historical rates for individual countries by choosing the country name.

Customs Current rate of exchange - All countries and economic groups
Country or economic group Code Currency RateFor entries logged on 01/02/2016 to 14/02/2016 (inclusive) RateFor entries logged on 15/02/2016 to 28/02/2016 (inclusive)
Australia AUD Australian Dollar 0.91 0.91
Canada CAD Canadian Dollar 0.92 0.91
Chile CLP Chilean Peso 467.25 470.34
China, Peoples Republic of CNY Chinese Renminbi or Yuan 4.21 4.39
Denmark DKK Danish Krone 4.29 4.38
Egypt EGP Egyptian Pound 5.01 5.23
European Union EUR Euro 0.58 0.59
Fiji FJD Fijian Dollar 1.31 1.38
French Polynesia XPF French Polynesian Franc 67.69 68.92
Hong Kong (Special Admin Reg) HKD Hong Kong Dollar 4.93 5.12
India INR Indian Rupee 42.40 44.07
Israel ILS Israeli Shekel 2.54 2.63
Japan JPY Japanese Yen 73.26 76.62
Korea, Republic of KRW Korean Won 779.00 803.00
Mexico MXN Mexican Peso 11.89 12.26
Norway NOK Norwegian Krone 5.57 5.58
Pakistan PKR Pakistani Rupee 65.65 68.42
Papua New Guinea PGK Papua New Guinean Kina 1.84 1.94
Philippines PHP Philippine Peso 29.84 31.03
Samoa WST Samoan Tala 1.57 1.67
Singapore SGD Singaporean Dollar 0.90 0.93
South Africa ZAR South African Rand 10.50 10.40
Sri Lanka LKR Sri Lankan Rupee 89.37 92.96
Sweden SEK Swedish Krona 5.39 5.50
Switzerland CHF Swiss Franc 0.63 0.66
Taiwan TWD Taiwanese Dollar 21.65 22.22
Thailand THB Thai Baht 22.48 23.04
Tonga TOP Tongan Pa'anga 1.35 1.41
United Kingdom GBP United Kingdom Pound 0.44 0.45
United States of America USD United States Dollar 0.63 0.66

Current rates of exchange - Download the complete list of exchange rates that are currently in use.

Download currentExchange.xml

Historic rates of exchange - Download the complete list of historic exchange rates.

Download historicExchange.xml

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