Codes & utilities for trade

Interactive tools to help with your importing or exporting. Search for client or supplier codes and craft or airline numbers. Work out the New Zealand dollar value for your imported goods using our Customs exchange rates. Plus learn how to lodge a trademark or copyright notice.

Within this section

  • Tariff classifications & rates

    For all importers, here are the tariff classifications, duty rates and allowable concessions from the Working Tariff Document of NZ.​

  • Client codes

    New Zealand importers and exporters require their own unique identification numbers for shipments valued at NZ$1,000 or more.

  • Supplier codes & names

    For imports in excess of NZ$1000, supplier codes are required before clearance. Check to see if your supplier’s code is already on our database.​

  • Craft names

    Our search tool contains all the vessels and flights entering New Zealand. Use it to identify the craft your goods are on for your import or export clearance.​

  • Copyright, trade marks & intellectual property rights notices

    The process for lodging a notice to us for registered copyright or trade mark work and our role in protecting your intellectual property.​

  • Customs rates of exchange

    When your Customs Duty is calculated on the basis of a foreign currency invoice, you may need quick access to today’s Customs rate of exchange.​

  • Customs controlled areas

    ​Secure controlled environments which allow us to perform our Customs duties.

  • Web services

    ​Customs has developed web services to enable organisations to extract data from the supplier codes, craft names, and exchange rates pages.

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