Preparing to export

The New Zealand Customs Service plays an important role in New Zealand's export trade. We work with, and on behalf of, other Government agencies to control and protect the passage of commercial goods out of New Zealand.

Initiatives such as the Secure Exports Scheme allow us to work in partnership with exporters like yourself to ensure that your products are exported securely and in the best condition. We also work closely with other international Customs organisations to free up the movement of exported goods, particularly through New Zealand's preferential trade schemes.

In this section you can find out more about the processes you will need to follow when exporting goods out of New Zealand, and the documentation you will require.

Within this section

  • Declarations

    ​Export entry clearance or Electronic Cargo Information? Find out which you should use and what other important requirements you need to know about.

  • Submitting your export entry clearance

    ​Ensure you are registered and have the necessary credentials before submitting your export entry clearance to Customs.