Going out of NZ for private purposes

Image with travellers departing from an airport

Thousands of New Zealanders travel overseas every year. And thousands more visitors leave our country to head home or journey on to other destinations. Serious problems are rare, but travel can be stressful – including the procedures of leaving a country and arriving at a new one; and the everyday difficulties encountered in unfamiliar surroundings.

Here is some information to help you prepare for a smooth and trouble-free departure from New Zealand and, we hope, a stress-free arrival at your destination.

Within this section

  • Planning for your departure

    ​Some helpful tips and useful things to think about in advance as you prepare to leave New Zealand – either as a departing visitor or a kiwi off to see the world.

  • On your departure

    From packing your bags to getting on the plane, there are procedures to go through and documents to prepare. Make sure you leave nothing to chance.  

  • Items going out of NZ

    Be aware of what you can and can’t take out of the country; what they’ll allow you to carry on the plane; and how to organise unaccompanied baggage.​

  • Departure charges & allowances

    Find out here if there are any Customs charges for travellers going out of New Zealand.​

  • Departure by private craft

    Before you take off or weigh anchor there are some basic Customs procedures you need to observe, and some duty-free entitlements you may wish to claim.

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