Departure by private craft

All private aircraft and vessels leaving New Zealand must depart from a Customs controlled port or airport 

If you are in charge of a private aircraft or sea vessel intending to leave New Zealand, you must give notice of your intention to depart.

All private planes and sea craft will be inspected and certified by Customs officers before they leave.

Within this section

  • Check list

    A useful guide to all the things you need to do before you set sail.

  • Yacht & small craft departure

    If you intend leaving New Zealand by private plane, small craft or yacht, you need to let Customs know 72 hours in advance.​

  • Advance notice of departure for private aircraft

    All about the documents you will need to complete before your departure, and information on your duty-free allocation​.

  • Duty free supplies

    If you’re leaving New Zealand aboard a private craft you are entitled to purchase duty-free stores and supplies for passengers and crew.​

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