Planning for your departure

A little basic preparation before you travel is bound to make the experience better and less stressful. If you get all the regulations and paperwork sorted in advance; acquaint yourself with Customs procedures at your departure point and destination; and learn something about the country you’re travelling to, you are more likely to have a pleasurable travelling experience than a stressful one.

Here is some useful information to think about before you leave. 

Within this section

  • Passports & visas

    Different countries have different requirements. It’s important to know what travel documents you’re going to need before you depart, and how long it will take to arrange them.​

  • Health & travel

    ​One of the great unforeseen problems when travelling. Make sure you have everything in place before you go, to ensure the best healthcare and protection while you’re away.

  • Going to Australia

    Our biggest trading partner and our most preferred destination. New Zealand and Australia have a special relationship – with special advantages.

  • Travel checklist

    From remembering to update your passport to making sure you are covered for medical emergencies, here’s a simple checklist to help with your preparations.​

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