Items going out of NZ

New Zealand has rules about what may and may not be taken or sent out of the country. Some prohibited export items are of an artistic and cultural nature which would be a grave loss to New Zealand. Others relate to international agreements designed to prevent the trade in such things as drugs, weaponry, hazardous materials and endangered species. Still other restrictions seek to protect our economy by regulating the export of commercially sensitive materials and processes. In general, though, if the items you are taking out of the country are private and personal, they are unlikely to attract the attention of Customs. 

Within this section

  • Private exports

    Be sure you know that what you are carrying in your luggage is not going to cause you problems later on.​

  • Prohibited exports

    From cultural treasures to native plants and animals there are some things you cannot take out of the country.​

  • Post & courier

    There are many items you must not attempt to send by post or courier.​

  • Pets & animals

    Strict rules surround the export of animals and pets from New Zealand and their arrival in a different country.​

  • Private shipments

    ​What to do when you need to dispatch containers of personal belongings or unaccompanied baggage.

  • Taking food out with you

    Many people like to take food with them when they leave New Zealand – particularly local delicacies and specialties.

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