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Goods Clearance Fees changes

Changes related to Goods Clearance Fees, previously due to start on 1 June 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19, will now start on 1 July 2021.

The updated fees will be fairer to importers and exporters and better reflect the costs of clearing goods.  The fees will cover more activities related to managing risks to New Zealand from imports and exports, and will now include goods-related investigations and seizing goods.

Some fees will increase, while others will fall. The changes relate to:

  • Customs’ Goods Clearance Fees
  • Customs’ hourly rate for attendance outside working hours
  • the recovery of certain costs incurred related to Customs’ services for holders of Intellectual Property Rights.


These fee changes are the result of Customs’ review of Goods Clearance Fees, which Customs consulted on extensively in 2019. You can read the full details in the Cabinet material: Public consultation on Customs' Proposed Goods Clearance Fees (PDF 1.2 MB), and a summary of the submissions received in the Summary of Submissions report.

Originally intended to take effect in 2020, these fee changes were delayed for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fees effective 1 July 2021

Fees Current incl. GST From 1 July 2021 incl. GST
Import Entry Transaction Fee $29.26 $33.03

Inward Cargo Transaction Fee

- Air

- Sea







Export Entry Transaction Fee

- Secure Exports Scheme

- Other







Outward Cargo Transaction Fee

Cargo Report Export

- Air

- Sea

Outward Cargo Report

- Air

- Sea











Customs' hourly rate:

Minimum charge