Performance Information: Report Against Appropriations

This contains end-of-year performance information for the 2016/17 financial year for the output class appropriations and departmental capital expenditure appropriation contained in The Estimates of Appropriations 2016/17 for Vote Customs.

Collectively, these output classes support the achievement of the outcomes and priorities discussed in What we do and where we are heading. This end-of-year performance information is audited.

The “Budget” figures are those included in The Estimates of Appropriations 2016/17. The “Revised Budget” figures are those from The Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations 2016/17. This information is unaudited.

If a performance measure was in place in the prior 2015/16 financial year, comparative performance information for 2015/16 has been included. To provide further context for the 2016/17 results, we have also included the standards set for the output performance measures for 2017/18 (as contained in The Estimates of Appropriations 2017/18 for Vote Customs). This information is unaudited.