The Year at a Glance

In 2016/17 New Zealand Customs recorded the following figures.

Travel & Trade 

  • Record: 13.3 million arriving and departing travellers risk-assessed and processed
  • Record: 14.4 million trade transactions processed
  • 99.9% of trade transactions processed within 30 minutes (other than those referred for compliance checks).


  • 50 next-generation SmartGates installed by the end of June 2017 (of total of 51)
  • 5.8 million or 45% of air passengers processed through SmartGate automated passenger processing.


Record: $13.3 billion collected in Crown revenue

Trade Single Window

Final major release of Joint Border Management System in April 2017, completing the Trade Single Window.

Trust in Customs

Continued high levels of trust by our customers – from surveys, 94% of passengers and 87% of commercial goods clients trust Customs.

System Launch

Joint Electronic Verification System launched in December 2016, reducing delays for New Zealand exports to China.


  • $329 million street value of illicit drugs intercepted 
  • $1.15 billion in potential harm (social and economic costs) avoided to New Zealand through illicit drugs seized by Customs
  • Increased efforts to disrupt illicit drug supply chains offshore – through further strengthening our relationships and intelligence-sharing with overseas enforcement partners and agencies 
  • 44,520 individual counterfeit goods items intercepted at the border (these can be low-quality and dangerous to the public)
  • 353 kg of methamphetamine, 725 kg of methamphetamine precursors seized
  • Joint Border Analytics team formed with the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Immigration NZ), using data modelling techniques to better inform border risk and target interventions
  • $13.4 million of harm prevented through interceptions at the border of other unlawful activity (such as seizures of objectionable material and weapons, and attempted evasion of duty).