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Payments and your rights

You can pay immediately, dispute the infringement, and request a hearing.

You'll be handed or posted an Infringement Notice that details the offence(s) you have committed, and your options.

  • Pay the fee
  • Request the infringement notice be revoked, if you think there are grounds to do so
  • Request a hearing in court.

 Pay immediately by:

  • Visa or MasterCard (a convenience 1.9% fee applies)

OR within 28 days of receiving a reminder notice by:

  • Credit Card Payment Portal: by Visa or MasterCard. Please allow three working days for the Infringement Notice to be loaded into our system before paying.
  • Internet banking to 03-0049-0000706-20. Use the Infringement Notice number in the particulars field and leave the other fields blank.

Request your fine be revoked

You can request that the infringement notice be revoked if you think that:

  • no offence has been committed
  • you are not the person who committed the offence
  • you have a reasonable excuse for why the offence was committed.

Include any supporting evidence in your submission that you want taken into consideration.

The Infringement Notice will be reviewed by an officer not involved in issuing it.

An Infringement Notice cannot be revoked if you have paid it.

You must make your submission within 28 days of the date on the Infringement Notice.

Include your name (as shown on the Infringement Notice) and the Infringement Notice number.

We'll inform you of the outcome of your request.

If your request is unsuccessful, you can either pay or request a hearing.

Requesting a court hearing

If you have paid your Infringement Notice you cannot seek a court hearing.

You can request a hearing if you:

1. believe there is enough doubt that the offence was committed, or

2. admit liability and want the court to consider whether you should pay the full amount of the fine.

Please provide your submission within 28 days of the date on the reminder notice.