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COVID-19 update

11.15am 26 March 2020 | News

The New Zealand Government has placed temporary entry restrictions into New Zealand to assist with the containment of the COVID-19.

Latest Information: 26 March 2020

New Zealand passenger arrival measures

  • Every passenger entering New Zealand will be screened for COVID-19 on arrival.
  • Passengers will be disembarked in small groups and met by Government officials at the gate.
  • When passengers disembark the plane health officials will discuss self-isolation and transport arrangements and answer any questions passengers may have.
  • If passengers have a domestic transit flight, they will not be allowed to connect to that flight.
  • If a passenger is symptomatic on arrival, they will be tested and placed in an approved isolation facility for 14 days
  • If a passenger is not symptomatic on arrival, they will be asked to explain their plan for self-isolation and transport arrangements to that place

Self-isolation or low-level quarantine requirements

  • If passengers have a suitable self-isolation plan and transport arrangements, they will be escorted to their transport. They will also be checked on by Police within 72 hours to ensure you are in self-isolation.
  • If passengers have a suitable plan for self-isolation, but do not have suitable transport arranged, officials will arrange transport if that is possible within the local area. If transport is not possible, they will be placed in local accommodation, which has been approved for isolation for 14 days and will need to remain there even if your test result is negative. If you require hospital care, that will be arranged.
  • If passengers have no suitable plan in place for self-isolation, they will be placed in local low-level quarantine accommodation, which has been approved for isolation for 14 days. They will be transported there directly from the airport.
  • If passengers are placed in managed accommodation for the 14 day low-level quarantine isolation period, further information will be provided on what will happen after that, including planned transport through domestic flights.

For further information on health advice, information for specific audiences, other languages and resources, visit the Ministry of Health COVID-19 website.

More information

For more information about the NZ Government's COVID-19 response, please refer to the official COVID-19 website.

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