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Learn more about the Secure Exports Scheme

What are the benefits in becoming a Secure Exports Scheme partner?

  • There is no joining fee
  • International recognition that exports processed through a SES supply chain are trusted and secure
  • Less documentation checks and inspection interventions
  • Reduced export transaction fees for partners
  • Customs people based in MRA destinations help SES members interpret trade agreements, non-tariff barriers and assist with clearance issues.

Since the scheme was setup, SES partners have benefited from:

Lower export transaction fees for lodging export entries

  • SES partners have processed more than $159 billion in NZ exports through the scheme and saved more than $4.7 million in export transaction fees.

Reduced Customs interventions or inspections

  • Exports processed through the scheme are recognised as trade coming through a secure supply chain. Our data shows that non-SES exports are six times more likely to be stopped at NZ borders, and seven times more likely to be stopped in China.

Support with trade disruptions in MRA destinations

  • Customs people based in 13 overseas locations have helped SES members understand and manage trade agreements, non-tariff barriers and clearance issues.

Global recognition as a secure trader

  • Customs supports trade negotiations, implementing and maintaining trade agreements, and the development of Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) that formally recognise NZ exports delivered through the secure supply chains, and carrying the approved SES seal.

How are businesses supported during the application process?

When you formally apply to become an SES partner, we help you to understand what is required to meet the international secure supply chain requirements.

We will work at your pace to help you develop detailed documentation that captures how you manage your supply chain, logistics, transport operators, and site security.

Once you are an approved SES partner, we will work with you to maintain your secure supply chain status and ensure you are accessing all the benefits available to you.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to become an SES partner will vary depending on your supply chain complexity and how much time it takes for documentation to be completed.

There are four key areas of focus:

  • product storage
  • container packaging
  • transport
  • export loading.

We appreciate that NZ traders must prioritise their customer and business needs. We assist applicants throughout the process.

How much does it cost?

There is no joining fee. To meet SES requirements, it may be necessary to close gaps in some areas to secure your supply chain. We will help you to assess this during the application process.

What it takes to be an approved SES partner?

To become an SES partner, you must demonstrate you meet the standards for supply chain security.

Your goods must be:

  • securely packaged
  • packaged on their own (i.e. not with other goods)
  • securely transported to their final shipping destination, without interference.

You will:

  • giving us accurate advance export information
  • maintain the agreed level of security
  • help us access information, locations and key people to complete the required audits to maintain your status as an approved SES partner

We will:

  • manage your application, with feedback and advice provided to you throughout the process
  • answer your questions or concerns
  • undertake validations and audits to ensure you comply with, and maintain, the agreed standards of security for SES partner status
  • ensure you are have access to all the SES partner benefits