Register for Trade Single Window

You need to register for the Trade Single Window (TSW) system if you’re importing anything worth more than NZ$1,000 (Customs value).

To become a Trade Single Window (TSW) Registered User (declarant), you need to apply to be a user and for a declarant code. If you want to avoid delays clearing your item, register in advance.

TSW allows registered users to:

  • submit online craft and cargo information – “lodgements” – required by NZ government agencies
  • get responses from those agencies
  • submit and manage applications for importer, exporter and supplier codes
  • view and manage lodgements.

If you’re importing or exporting goods worth more than NZ$1,000, you need a client code. You also need a supplier code if you’re importing.

You don’t need to register for TSW Online if you have a broker – they can apply for codes for you.

Registered Users – ie declarants – can submit lodgements they’re approved for. These may be:

  • outward cargo reports
  • import declarations (declarants only)
  • export declarations (declarants only)
  • cargo report exports containing write-off requests (declarants only)
  • unaccompanied baggage clearances (declarants only)
  • household effects clearances (declarants only)
  • Excise
  • Advance notice of arrival
  • Advance notice of departure
  • Inward cargo reports (declarants only).

Apply to be a TSW user

To become a Registered User (declarant) you need to apply to become a TSW user and for a declarant code.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register” and sign in with RealMe (if you don’t have a RealMe login, you must register for one).
  3. Upload:
  4. Receive an email from us with your TSW User ID.

For assistance applying read: Registering to use TSW: details (PDF 547 KB).  See the full details for competency requirements and the declarant code application process (PDF 207 KB).