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Report suspicious activity

You can help us protect our border.

Our border is not just at international airports – it’s anywhere where people, goods, or craft could enter or leave our country, including our sea ports and coastline.

You can help protect our border by reporting unusual activity on land, at sea and around our coast – or in your workplace if it’s within a Customs-controlled Area.

You know your area best – if you think it’s suspicious, it probably is.

Your tip can make a difference

One of the country’s largest drug seizures was from a private vessel abandoned at Ninety-Mile Beach as a result of suspicious activity reported by locals.

If something doesn’t look or seem right, it’s worth reporting.

If you hear about possible illegal activity, your tip could make a difference.

Your information could be the missing piece that helps us protect New Zealand from international crime, illicit drugs, terrorism, smuggling and other illegal activities.

Call our 24-hour confidential hotline - 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428 786)