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Movement of critical supplies

Cross-border movement of critical supplies.

In response to COVID-19, Customs is working hard to help identify and expedite the border clearance of critical supplies.

Currently, personal protective equipment (PPE) is considered a high priority critical supply. As the situation continues to evolve, other types of goods may be considered critical supply in future.

The types of goods considered critical supplies of PPE currently include: face masks, gloves and gowns. Critical supplies may also include raw materials that are required in the domestic manufacturing of PPE. 

To help facilitate critical supplies with urgency, Customs requests, if possible, the details of future or current imports / exports of PPE be sent to

For any questions, or if your import or export is already at the border and you are experiencing delays by Customs or another agency, please do get in touch via the above email address so we can be of assistance.

Message to brokers

When entering the "goods description" in the entry; please state what the product is as per the invoice, i.e. KN95 face masks. This will enable us to identify if the goods are considered as a critical supply immediately.