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Permits and Carnets

This section covers requests for Export and Import CITES permits, Ministry of Health permits, Police (Firearms) permits and Carnets and 508's.

Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework


Import and Export CITES permits

We will now resume stamping physical copies of CITES permits. If you need a clearance of an import and export shipment please make a booking via our online booking system.

Please note: Under current COVID-19 restrictions, only the Auckland ACIF office will be open for bookings. 

Ministry of Health permits

Ministry of Health permits will continue to be processed electronically. Importers should scan their MoH Permits and email them to their brokers who should upload them as attachments into their Trade Single Window lodgement.  These will not be stamped, however the lodgement will be cleared.  

Police Permits (Firearms)

Police Permits will continue to be processed electronically. Customs is able to clear lodgements that require a Police permit. Brokers will need to ensure a PDF scan of the Police permit is attached to the lodgement. 

Private importers can request a clearance of their held goods by emailing a PDF scanned copy of the Police permit and all other related documents to

Any questions can be sent to


A broker can complete an electronic Simplified Import Declaration to obtain clearance for goods covered by a Carnet.  

Bookings for the processing of carnets can be made at the Auckland ACIF counter only. For further information on how to make a booking please refer to Make a booking.

Other regions

Bookings for the processing of permits and carnets will continue under normal processes. For further information on how to make a booking please refer to Make a booking.

Release of Export Freight from a Customs-controlled Area

If you are an Exporter, Broker or Freight Forwarder and need to remove export goods from a CCA, please complete a NZCS 508 as per usual and email Service Delivery at

Please also provide the email address of the CCA that the NZCS 508, needs to be sent to. The permit will be stamped and emailed to the Broker and the CCA so the goods can be released.