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NZ Maritime border controls

Find out about the requirements for owners, operators, crew and passengers arriving in New Zealand via our maritime border.

New Zealand’s maritime border

New Zealand's borders are now fully open to visitors from anywhere in the world. New Zealand’s maritime border reopened to all vessels at 11.59pm on 31 July 2022 including foreign flagged vessels, cruise ships, recreational vessels (such as yachts and small craft) and specialist vessels used in research and exploration.

To find out if you are eligible to travel to New Zealand visit Immigration NZ's website.

Maritime Border Order

There are no longer COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements to enter New Zealand by sea on any type of vessel. However, operators may require evidence of vaccination or have other requirements to travel onboard their craft.

If passengers or crew enter New Zealand, they will need to follow local COVID-19 health settings which include a COVID-19 test if symptomatic, or if deemed a household contact, self-isolation for positive cases, and wearing a mask in some situations.

For the latest information visit the COVID-19 website.

An Advance Notice of Arrival (ANA) must be completed along with other mandatory documentation for regular processing purposes.

Mandatory requirements and documentation can be found on the following pages:

Immigration requirements

Unlike at the air border, travellers on certain vessels arriving by the maritime border are deemed under New Zealand immigration law to have a 28-day visa. These certain vessels include cruise ships, cargo ships and Antarctic research vessels. However, travellers on these vessels may still need to hold an NZeTA. Travellers on other vessels may still be required to apply for and hold a current visa.

Travellers other than New Zealand and Australian citizens require a current visa or NZeTA to enter New Zealand. Find  out more at Immigration NZ's website.