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Vessel Management Framework

Vessel Management Framework has been designed to provide consistent procedures and processes to manage vessels where there are known or suspected cases of COVID-19 on board.

It has been developed to manage the public health risks posed by vessels liable to quarantine in a consistent and collaborative manner, and with the authorisation of public health officials.

All arriving vessels are liable to quarantine until cleared by the health authorities, at which point pratique (approval to enter port) is granted. However, should  a crew member test positive for COVID-19 after pratique has been granted, or pratique is not granted due to COVID-19 on board, this guidance can be followed to facilitate safe maritime cargo operations. It can be used to manage COVID-19 risks in all cases where a vessel is liable to quarantine (under the Health Act), or a crew member is required to isolate (under the relevant COVID-19 legislation).

The guidance has been prepared for port operators, unions, agents, government agencies and Public Health Units to follow whenever a vessel remains liable to or is placed in quarantine or a crew member is isolating on board.  The framework clarifies the roles and responsibilities for all parties involved, and provides a process map and templates to guide users for safe cargo operations and pilotage when COVID-19 is known or suspected to be on board.

You can find the guidance on the Maritime New Zealand website.