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NZ passenger arrival measures

There is a managed process from the moment you land in NZ and all travellers boarding an aircraft to NZ must undertake a minimum of 14 days of managed isolation or quarantine in an approved facility on arrival.

There is a managed process from the moment you land in New Zealand, that will guide you through Public Health screening and then border processing (immigration, customs and biosecurity).

You will then be moved to a dedicated hotel where you will be provided accommodation, food and welfare support for the 14 day isolation period.

You will be given an information pack that will give you detailed information on how you will be supported over the 14 day period and onward to your final destination.

Your accommodation, food and transit from the point of arrival in New Zealand to the hotel will be paid for by the New Zealand government. You will have to pay for any incidental expenses and your onward travel to your end destination.

As you will have to enter quarantine or managed isolation for 14 days on arrival, if you have onward travel booked within that period you should cancel your arrangements. If this incurs a cost you should approach your insurance company in the first instance.

There are a very small group of exemptions who will be permitted to self-isolate at their final destination. Details on who is exempt (primarily medical reasons, special needs that can not be supported in a managed facility, minors travelling unaccompanied) and how to apply can be found on the COVID19 website.

For more information, please refer to either the Immigration NZ website or the Ministry of Health website.