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Visitors' medicines

If you're a recent visitor to NZ and your regular supply of prescription medicine may be running out due to the COVID-19 situation, here's what to do if you require additional medicine until your return home.

Provided the prescription medicine is lawfully supplied, clearly labelled in the original or pharmacy packaging, is less than three months’ supply and is accompanied with a copy of a doctor’s prescription or letter, Medsafe will be able to assess the medicine at the border.

Visitors can email Medsafe at and are requested to supply the following information:

  • Who is the medicine for?
  • The reason for the delay in not returning to your home country?
  • Details of the medicine to be imported such as brand, active ingredient, strength, quantity and dosage instructions.
  • Details of how the medicine is to be supplied to the visitor in NZ such as dispensed from a pharmacy, supplied by a doctor or obtained and sent from family.
  • Provide evidence that the medicine has been supplied lawfully such as a doctor’s letter or prescription, or, a copy of the pharmacy dispensing labels on the medicine or pharmacy packaging.

Please note that this information doesn't apply to controlled drugs, these cannot be sent into New Zealand without a licence.

For further information please visit the Medsafe website.