Tobacco sent by mail or cargo

All you need to know about sending tobacco to New Zealand.


Are there any concessions available for tobacco sent by mail or cargo?


No. Tobacco sent as a gift does not qualify for a gift concession. All tobacco is subject to duty, GST and an Import Entry Transaction Fee, which must be paid before your package can be released. These charges apply for any quantity of tobacco, even small amounts.


How will I know how much duty and GST I have to pay?


New Zealand Post or the courier company will send you a letter and an invoice with the total charge you need to pay. This will be sent to the address on the package. You can also estimate the charges beforehand using our Duty Estimator

新西兰邮政或快递公司会向您寄发一封信函和一张发票到到您包裹上的地址,这其中包含您所需要支付的全部费用。您也可以使用我们Duty Estimator链接,预先估算大约的费用

How can I pay for the duty / GST charges?


You can pay Customs online using a credit card (1.6 % extra charge), by internet banking, at a Customs office or by sending us a cheque. If your package has come through a courier company or broker, they may have a credit facility with Customs, and you can pay them directly.

您可以使用信用卡在线支付(得加1.6%费用), 网上银行付款,寄支票或到海关的办公室柜台付款。如果您的包裹是来自快递公司或報关行,他们可能在海关已經有脹戶,那麼您可以直接付款給他們。

How long do I have to pay?


You have 20 working days to pay Customs charges. After this date, the goods become forfeit to the Crown and will be destroyed later.


I was sent a parcel or gift containing tobacco. What are my options?


You can either pay the duty, GST and an Import Entry Transaction Fee on the whole amount, and your package will be released for delivery or you can abandon the whole package. You cannot usually separate the rest of the contents from the tobacco.


I didn’t know I was being sent tobacco as a gift. Why do I have to pay?


As the receiver of the gift you are the ‘importer’ and are liable for the charges.