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New Zealand Traveller Declaration Toolkit for Partners

These resources are available for use by all Customs partners and stakeholders when communicating with travellers coming to New Zealand after 31 March 2022. Everyone flying into New Zealand is required to complete and submit a New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD) online.

To complete the New Zealand Traveller Declaration visit

All of the resources listed below are free and can be downloaded for use across different channels.

Digital Posters.png Posters for Print.png Social Media Tiles.png

Download the Posters in English to share digitally 
(ZIP 1.5 MB)

Download Posters in Pacific languages to share digitally
(ZIP 8 MB)

Download the Posters in English to print (ZIP 3.6 MB)

Download Posters in Pacific  languages to print (ZIP 8 MB)

Download the Social Media tiles in English (ZIP 623 KB)

Download Social Media tiles in Pacific languages
(ZIP 5 MB)

Static Banners.png Copy Pointers.png Email Signature.png
Download the Static Banners
(ZIP 211 KB)

Download the Copy Pointers
text (PDF 153 KB)

Download the Copy Pointers text for Pacific travellers
(PDF 251 KB)

Download the Email Signature (JPG 39 KB)
MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png MicrosoftTeams-image.png Video.png
Traveller Factsheet (English)

Traveller Factsheet (Translated)

Traveller Factsheet in Pacific languages 

View the Guide to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration video in English

View the Guide to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration video with subtitles and translated transcripts in Pacific languages

If you need help or more information, please email us at

Guidance on how to use resources above

For guidance on how to use the resources, see below.

For guidance on how to use the Pacific language resources, download this document (PDF 1.4 MB)


The posters can be printed out, emailed or posted on a digital platform such as your website or e-newsletter. We recommend you use the PDF files for printing or email. The JPG files are suitable for use on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms. Download the version that best suits your requirements.

Social Media Tiles

These social media tiles can be used across any of your social channels. Please link these social media tiles back to

Static Banners

The static banners can be used in any of your online channels such as eDMs, newsletters, websites and intranet. These banners direct travellers to where they can find out more information or start their declaration.

Copy Pointers

We have made it easy for you and included some copy pointers that you could insert into any communications you might send to passengers at different points of their travel planning and organising. The copy pointers can be used in emails, or instant messaging channels such as text messages or WhatsApp.

Email Signature

To help us raise awareness for the New Zealand Traveller Declaration, you can add the email signature we have created, to your own.

Traveller Factsheet (English)

The Traveller Factsheet is a quick guide that helps explain the process for the New Zealand Traveller Declaration and what is required from travellers to complete and submit the online declaration.

Traveller Factsheet (Translated)

Translated versions of the Traveller Factsheet that will help explain the process and requirements for non-English speaking travellers.

"Guide to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration" video

This is a video guide on the New Zealand Traveller Declaration system, with Customs Officers talking through the process. The video can be shared via your social channels and digital platforms.