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Concession Advertising Notice No. 33 2021 - Special Situation

09.00am 03 September 2021

Three concessions have been advertised under the Special Situations category for the following goods:

  • Phials or vials, of any sizes
  • Refrigerators, freezers or combination refrigerator-freezers, medical grade (i.e. of a type designed for temperature stability, temperature uniformity, temperature recovery and temperature monitoring in a medical setting)
  • Ultra-violet irradiation equipment for disinfection purpose

At the most recent APEC meeting a standalone Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chains (Vaccine Statement) was agreed. Part of the Vaccine Statement was an encouragement for economies to review the charges levied on goods relating to the supply of the COVID-19 vaccine and related goods (e.g. relating to distribution or administration of the vaccine). The goods considered have been based on the joint WCO/WHO list of HS classification reference for vaccines and related supplies and equipment.

After reviewing the above list and the current provisions that exist, New Zealand is considering introducing three new Reference 99 concessions that will be available for all importers to use for the goods specified in the wording. These proposed concessions are being advertised to allow any objections from local manufacturers/producers to be considered prior to the concessions. The period for objections is to run to 21 September but given the Alert Level shifts, if any company needs more time to prepare an objection, please get in touch with the Valuation, Origin and Classification team (VOC).

Questions around timeframe extension for an objection or the concessions being proposed can be directed to