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Contact us

There are a number of ways you can contact us depending on what your query is about.

COVID-19 requirements for visiting Customs: Contractors without organisational clearance and visitors should not visit Customs site if they are feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. Visitors must also comply with hygiene and other protective practices that Customs has in place at the time of the visit. Visitors are not currently required to verify vaccination status.

Enquiry Contact details

Customs National Contact Centre

For general Customs enquiries:

  • 0800 428 786 - toll free number for NZ-based callers
  • 1800 301 861 - toll free number for Australia-based callers
  • +64 9 886 4651 - for international callers
  • Complete the Enquiry Form below.

The National Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (excluding public holidays).

To find out where your parcel is, you need to contact New Zealand Post, the courier, fast freight or shipping company, as Customs doesn't store or track goods, we can't trace your parcel.

Making a complaint

You can file a complaint in writing and send to the postal address listed below; or email your complaint to; or speak to someone at the National Contact Centre on 0800 428 786.

Bringing items into NZ (online shopping, gifts, anything that is being sent to you from overseas).

Please follow the instructions on the Receive items from overseas page to complete the Customs process, alternatively you can contact a Customs broker to manage this process on your behalf.

Please call the National Contact Centre on 0800 428 786 for assistance.

If you're importing goods for commercial reasons (for sale, for your business).

You'll need to contact a Customs broker to manage the process for you. Read general information about bringing items into NZ for commercial reasons.

Please call the National Contact Centre on 0800 428 786 for assistance.

To report suspicious activity / information / smuggling etc.

Please call: 0800 937 768 24 hour confidential hotline

Food, animals or plants:
Ministry for Primary Industries (Biosecurity)


Customs contact information

Calling from New Zealand

0800 428 786

Calling from Australia

1 800 301 861

Calling from overseas

+64 9 886 4651

Postal address

New Zealand Customs Service
PO Box 2218
Wellington 6140

Physical address

The Customhouse
1 Hinemoa Street
Harbour Quays
Wellington 6011

NZ Relay Service

New Zealand Relay Service