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Changes to declarant pin testing

04.14pm 02 June 2022

From 01 July 2022, Customs will be implementing changes to the restricted declarant pin process.

Declarants that work for brokers, freight forwarders, importers and exporters, (other than those already approved), will be required to complete formal training through an external provider.

Declarants who are lodging entries on behalf of clients are already required to do this training/testing through an external provider. Currently Customs are offering testing for broker declarants wanting to do exports or imports and ICRs and CREs. Customs will only be offering limited testing**.

Declarants will need to go through external provider that provides testing for the required registration area. Currently, this is CBAFF via Independent Verification Services (IVS). These papers include Import, Export, and a single assessment for Inward Cargo Reports, Cargo Report Exports and Domestic Transhipment (DTR for training purposes only).

Unaccompanied baggage is not included in this change and will continue to be assessed by NZCS until further notice.

For more info on the changes or what they need, contact as this area holds the UUI registration in TSW or alternatively, contact an external provider.

**We will continue to conduct testing for those who are In-house company declarants for Exports & SES partners.