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Coin seals patrol vessel’s good fortune

10.02am 22 March 2017 | News

A traditional coin ceremony held with Q-West boat builders in Wanganui yesterday put Customs’ official seal on the powerhouse of its new patrol vessel Hawk V.

Deputy Comptroller Operations, Bill Perry says Customs is determined to protect the maritime border from risks or threats, and the new vessel which is currently being constructed will enhance its capabilities, now and in future.

“This world-class patrol vessel, locally designed and built, will be larger and faster than Customs’ current patrol vessel, Hawk IV. It will house state of the art electronics, allowing crew to patrol and monitor large areas.”

The ceremony, which involves attaching a coin to the vessel, is a tradition believed to bring good luck during the build and to the captain and crew during the vessel’s life.

“While a coin is traditionally placed for luck, Customs relies on a strategic and intelligence-led approach to direct its operational activity.”

“We’re placing a Customs ‘challenge coin’ in the engine room, so it will be clearly on display for the lifetime of the new vessel,” says Mr Perry.

Customs’ new vessel is expected to be completed in late 2017 or early 2018. It will be Auckland- based, and operated by a crew of four specialist maritime Customs officers.