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Customs opens eGates for 10-year-olds and six more countries

09.59am 27 May 2024 | News

Customs is pleased to announce that more international travellers will be able to use its automated eGates on arrival and departure from New Zealand as of today.

The age eligibility to use eGates has been reduced from 12-years-old to 10-years-old, bringing New Zealand in line with Australia and the United Kingdom.

Access has also been extended to ePassport holders from six European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Romania, and Spain.

Sixteen countries were already able to use eGates at New Zealand’s international airports, representing approximately 85 percent percent of all arriving and departing travellers.

Acting Deputy Comptroller Operations Paul Campbell has welcomed the expansion of eGates, stating these changes align with Customs’ aim to make border processing more seamless and efficient for all international travellers.

“This lowering of the age limit and addition of six European countries marks the completion of the first phase in our eGates expansion plan, following successful trials earlier this year.

“Customs’ intent is to open eligibility to all European Union countries in the coming months, and even more countries later in the year, subject to carrying out live feasibility trials successfully.

"Our eGates use sophisticated biometric software and information from ePassports to carry out the necessary checks within seconds, enabling Customs frontline officers to place increased focus on other tasks like profiling high-risk travellers, such as drug couriers,” Mr Campbell adds.

“New Zealand is a popular destination for European visitors, so this expansion is good news for those travelling with families to New Zealand. This is also good timing for those travelling here during the upcoming school holidays in Australia.”

All travellers are required to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD). Complete your digital declaration online at or via the NZTD app.