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Half tonne of drugs now worthless

02.56pm 15 July 2016 | News

Customs has made hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of drugs undesirable, worthless, and irretrievable after destruction.

The destroyed haul included 843 packages that filled 25 rubbish bags and seven boxes, weighing 445 kgs. Methamphetamine and its precursors made up the bulk volume at 231 kgs, with a total potential street value of up to $177 million.

The remaining volume was hundreds of smaller seizures including heroin, ecstasy or MDMA, LSD mimics – NBome, cannabis products, synthetic drugs, date rape drug GBL in nail polish bottles, and even a ‘grow your magic mushroom’ kit – to name a few.

All packages were destroyed in a secure environment under strict protocol. The drugs were shredded, mixed with waste material, and processed in high pressure steamers to neutralise and turn the drugs in to waste.

Customs Manager Cargo Operations Bruce Berry says Customs destroys drugs on a regular basis, and the 445 kgs represents a few months’ worth of seizures.

“It is extremely satisfying turning millions of dollars’ worth of drugs into worthless and irretrievable waste that cannot harm our communities.

“Stopping drugs is what Customs officers strive to do. They make seizures daily – big and small. Whether it’s in a mailed envelope, or in a passenger’s pocket – it all counts,” he says.