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Man jailed for 6 years 10 months for importing meth in neck pillows

02.54pm 15 July 2016 | News

An Australian man living in New Zealand was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months’ imprisonment today in the Wellington District Court for importing 1.46 kg of meth.

On 19 January 2016, Yoram Kalev, arrived in New Zealand via Sydney after a trip to Hong Kong and was stopped and questioned by Customs at Wellington International Airport.

During a search of Kalev’s belongings a Customs officer noticed that a neck pillow he was carrying was unusually heavy. A second neck pillow was found in the luggage and x-ray images of both pillows showed inconsistencies.

Examination revealed plastic bags filled with methamphetamine.

Investigations Manager, Maurice O’Brien says the drugs could have fetched up to $1,466,000 on the street but today’s sentencing shows once again that crime doesn’t pay.

“This was an excellent example of our officers using passenger targeting systems and their skills and expertise to find and stop drugs. Keeping harmful drugs away from our communities is a priority.”

Kalev pleaded guilty to charges of importing class A drugs and possession of a class A drug for supply.