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Six accused in court over Customs’ prosecution for unlawful activity

10.02am 19 October 2022 | News

Six people appeared in the Manukau District Court earlier this week on charges related to improper access to a Customs-controlled Area (CCA) and unauthorised removal of property from the area.

Customs began an investigation in November 2021, which found goods were regularly being unlawfully removed from a Customs-controlled Area - Auckland International Airport.  

It identified the individuals were using their airside access to unlawfully remove the goods.  

“Protecting and ensuring the security of Aotearoa New Zealand’s border in places like international airports relies on everyone with approved access to restricted areas operating under strict legal and security rules,” Customs Investigations Manager Cam Moore said. 

“Customs has zero-tolerance for anyone taking advantage of their privileged security clearance access to CCAs and we will not hesitate to prosecute those caught abusing it.”

The defendants have pleaded not guilty.