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Border Protect team shares success with the Minister

02.28pm 15 September 2022 | Social Media

Recently our Customs-controlled Area (CCA) team had the opportunity to present their work to the Minister of Customs, Meka Whaitiri.

Chief Customs Officer Dean was able to show some of the resources that are being used by his team to educate industry about the threat of trusted insiders, signs to be aware of and the indicators of suspicious parcels.

The team have created posters, indicator and information sheets, a video animation to be included in staff inductions and a range of merchandise including mugs, drink bottles, phone holders and beanies, all of which are designed to promote and raise awareness of the Border Protect campaign.

The team will be travelling all over NZ to educate those within the supply chain about the signs of suspicious activity and who to contact if they come across it.

Members of the team also shared some success stories that they have had along the way. SupCo Liam shared the case of a brokerage who recently referred a suspicious shipment that was subsequently examined in Tauranga and found to contain a large quantity of methamphetamine. The brokerage was provided with feedback, a cake and a certificate of appreciation. A few weeks later, this same brokerage referred another shipment that was found to contain a significant amount of liquid methamphetamine.  

Acting SupCo Felicity then shared the case of a courier driver who reported suspicious activity. The driver contacted the team to let them know of a parcel that was suspicious; he was approached by a male who claimed the package was for his girlfriend who lived a few doors down. The driver retained the package and took a photo of the suspect then referred the package to Customs.

Upon inspection, Customs found that the parcel contained methamphetamine and there was also another shipment on the way that Customs was able to intercept. The team then rewarded the driver with a gift basket.

Dean says, "This was a great opportunity to showcase to our Minister some of the great work the CCA team has been doing to engage with and educate industry. We are constantly seeking creative ways to work with industry to help detect and deter crime and we are really pleased to have support from our management team and the Minister."

The Minister was very impressed with the work that has been done in this space and continues to take a keen interest in this.

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