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Criminal infiltration in the supply chain

09.20am 18 November 2022 | Social Media

Criminals are actively seeking to infiltrate import and export supply chain businesses.

They may use a ‘trusted insider’ – or become one – to gain access to information, systems, places or cargo to facilitate the importation of illicit goods such as drugs, weapons and tobacco. A trusted insider is a person who uses their legitimate employment in the supply chain to facilitate criminal activity.

Trusted insiders can cause serious reputational and financial harm to your business or your relationships with your clients, and will pose a threat to the wider community by bringing harmful goods into New Zealand.

You may think that this won’t happen within your business, but unfortunately the risk of criminal infiltration is very real, and these threats can be difficult to predict or detect. 

Customs has developed a short video animation aimed at educating staff and businesses about why and how criminals are infiltrating the supply chain, why people may become vulnerable for recruitment by a criminal group, the signs of infiltration to be alert to, and the risks and consequences of becoming involved in such activity.

View the animation.

Customs are pleased to provide this resource to businesses and we ask that this resource is shared amongst existing team members and included within induction training for new staff who may be recruited into businesses.  If your business would like this resource then please contact the Customs CCA Team to arrange a copy that can be downloaded – (North Island), (South Island).

Please contact the CCA team if you would like any further information on this topic, additional resources, or to discuss any matters of concern.