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Detector Dog Kale reunites with his foster family

01.44pm 08 August 2023 | Social Media

After seven years, the foster family of Detector Dog Kale were reunited with their four-legged friend.

Kale came over to New Zealand from our Australian Border Force (ABF) partners in 2017, and prior to this, Steve and Narelle fostered Kale while he was in Melbourne. 

Last Friday, Steve and Narelle visited ACIF where Kale and his handler, Senior Customs Officer Clare Kirk, put on a demonstration for them before going out to enjoy a puppaccino (also known as a “pup cup”) and cuddles.  Narelle remarks “it’s been so great to visit Kale and to see him rocking his detector dog role with Customs. Kale was the very first puppy we fostered for ABF and we have since had 11 more puppies to raise!”

Narelle recollects when Kale was a puppy, his favourite squishy toy had to be sewn back together by her daughter after being ripped to shreds. He waited patiently for it to be fixed and watched the whole sewing mission like a good pup. Narelle found a new edition of the same toy and brought one over as a special gift for Kale, which he loved!​

“It’s great to see how after all these years, the foster families keep such a strong interest in the dogs throughout their careers, and even make the trans-tasman trip to visit” says Clare.

Lucky Kale was also visited by Narelle’s son in 2018 who was in New Zealand on holiday.

We appreciate all of the foster families and how they have helped provide those foundations for our dogs to play their part in helping protect our border.

The early months are so important for the pups and shapes their behaviours for their future.

The foster families are dedicated to exposing the dogs to many different environments and they do a wonderful job!