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Detector Dog Willow is retiring

09.35am 20 July 2022 | Social Media

After 4 and a half years in Auckland, Willow is retiring from her duties as a drug, cash and firearms detector dog.

During her time with Customs she was involved in many successful operations, with one of the highlights being Operation Weirton where 613 kilograms of meth was located.

Willow’s favourite work place was most definitely Auckland Airport; she had a real nose for currency, successfully detecting nearly 1.6 million dollars of undeclared cash in her working life.

Willow also has a keen eye and always enjoyed being “on patrol” up north .

“Willow is adored by everyone for her quirky personality. She enjoyed saying hello to her human colleagues at the airport by wiggling between their legs and tying them up with her lead.

At the mail centre, she would run down the belt greeting each of the officers before getting to work.

She is such a character and I know she will be missed by everyone”, says her handler.

Willow will live her retired life with her handler's parents on their farm in the rural Manawatu; where Willow loves to be.

There is no doubt Willow will adjust to retired life with ease.